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In the last three decades Serrate Paz & Asociados has acquired wide experience and recognition in the solution of binominal judicial problems.

Throughout the lawyers that form it, Serrate Paz & Asociados offers an external advisory system, based on the experience, knowledge, capacity and professional dedication, which guaranties full time availability to deal with every legal issue, whether judicial or non judicial, that its clients may require.

It critically examines the legal issues and difficulties put forward, studies the objectives of each particular client, and make a proper diagnosis of each situation.

Together with the client select the most adequate way to perform the necessary tasks, in order to achieve the required results in a timely manner and with a previous budget.

Serrate Paz & Asociados gives a personalized treatment and reliable service, therefore, clients, especially the international ones, have access to lawyers who, fully knowing the country of business destinations, matching the international business culture with the local one.